Air compressor and Purifier


We can supply most consumable parts for air compressor and oil purifier


The Air Compressor Suitable For:

-TANABE: H-64, H-73, H-74, HC-264A, HC-265A, HC-274A, HC-275A, HC-277A

-YANMAR: SC5N, SC10N, SC12.5N, SC15N, SC20N, SC25N, SC30N, SC40N, SC50N


-HATALAPA: W80, W110, W140, W220, W280, W330, W420

-SAUER: WP60, WP110, WP35, WO220, WP270, WP120L, WP225L, WP250L, WP270LV2/240, HV2/270,/HV2/300

-SPERR: HV/140, HV156, HV2/200, HV2/210, HV2/219, HV2/220H


The Oil Purifier Suitable For:

-MITSUBISHI: SJ10T, SJ15T, SJ16T, SJ20T, SJ25T, SJ30T, SJ700, SJ2000, SJ3000, SJ4000, SJ6000

-ALFA-LAVAL: MAPX204, MAPX207, MAPX309, MOPX205, MOPX207, MOPX309/ MOPX310

-WESTFALIA : OSA-7-02-066, OSA-20—2-066, OSD-6-91-067, OSD-35-0136-067, OTA-00-066, OTB7-00-066, OSB-02-066, OSC4-02-066