Four Stroke Engine parts


We can offer Reliable Copy/ China-made Original/Licensed parts with good quality and competitive price

We can supply almost FULL RANGE spare parts for the following engines


                    Suitable For:

                    -DAIHATSU:PS26, DS18A, DS22, DS26, DS28, DL19, DL20, DL22, DL26, DL28, DK20, DK 26, DK28; DC17, DE18, DE23

                    -MAN:L16/24, L+V20/27; T23LH/HH, L+V23/30E (E/H), L21/31/L27/38, L+V28/32(A/H), L+V32/40

                    -YANMAR: S165,S185,MAL,M200,M220,T220, T240, T260,N330,N18,N21,EY18,EY22,EY26

                    -WARTSILAR: VASA R22, R32, L20

                    -MAK: MAK2C/MAK32/MAK281

                    - All kinds of CUMMINE engines