Turbocharger Repair


We have two TC repair stations which locate in Shanghai and Zhoushan Island.

Our turbocharger repairs service covers whole China and Main port around the world.

Our Business Scope for TC Repair 

               - Routine overhaul and maintenance of all models of turbocharger

                 - 7/24 Emergency repair of turbocharger

                 - Turbocharger reconditioning

                 - Repair for special parts of TC: laser welding repair of rotor shaft; welding repair of nozzle vanes/

                    turbine blades/ impeller; thickness measurement and water pressure sealing test of casings

Our Advantage for TC Repair

                     -Original Makers trained technicians

                      Our two tech. head had been working in ABB and MAN for more than 15 years.

                    -Abundant stock with competitive price and reliable quality

                     We are the supplier of original makers for many years. That's to say the quality of our products is accepted by original makers. 

                     Our factory is near to Shanghai, that's ensure you can get spare parts quickly with good price.

                   -International service net

                     We have one worldwide service net by our local partner.